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The NACM Midwest office is located at:
3005 Tollview Drive
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
P: 847-483-6400
F: 847-253-6685
Office hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday-Friday

The NACM Midwest staff is on hand to provide the best customer service possible, whether you need an answer to a question, would like to sign up for a class or seminar, or to request a packet of membership information. The NACM Midwest staff has been specifically trained to serve you—the member. You can reach us by e-mail, phone, fax or in person—stop by and see us!

Phil Lattanzio President/Chief Operating Officer
Phil Lattanzio, CCE
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6477

Accounting, Human Resources and IT
Kerry Jensen Vice President
Kerry Jensen, CPA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6405
Anna Coco Senior Accountant
Anna Coco

Phone & Fax: 847-483-6457

Kathy BerendsenAccounting Assistant
Kathy Berendsen
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6410

Nancy SarloStaff Accountant
Nancy Sarlo
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6415

Education, Marketing and Member Services
Lillian NovakVice President
Lillian Novak, CGA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6478
Susan RooneySenior Marketing Administrator
Susan Rooney
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6426
Margaret Krafft Marketing Coordinator
Margaret Krafft
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6420

Group Services and Data Processing
Themis Vlahos Director
Themis Vlahos, CCE, CGA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6428

Dawn FedericoGroup Administrator
Dawn Federico, CGA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6424
Anne EvolaData Processing Coordinator
Anne Evola, CGA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6431
Kris HamickSenior Group Administrator
Kris Hamick, CMP, CGA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6430
Pat SpeyerDatabase Administrator
Pat Speyer, CGA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6464

Credit Reporting
Craig Smith Credit Solutions Manager
Craig Smith
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6484

Nick Pokrifcak Credit Solutions Consultant
Nick Pokrifcak
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6469

Staffing Services and Membership Sales
Leslie HarrisonDirector
Leslie Harrison
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6485
Frank Shetski Membership Consultant
Frank Schetski
Phone & Fax: 414-232-4565
Paula CarruthStaffing Coordinator
Paula Carruth
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6434

Accounts Receivable Solutions Partner
Caine & Weiner
Jim McGeeAssistant Vice President- Client Services
Jim McGee
Phone: 847-407-2348
Fax: 866-826-8525