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MSC logo Founded in 1973, the Institute of Credit (IOC) is the education source of NACM Midwest. It is a not-for-profit operation set up to conduct formal education programs in the field of business credit management. IOC offers academic instruction at all levels including beginners, as well as those who are advanced academically and professionally.

The Institute of Credit aims to be an outstanding credit/finance career school. The school has pride in its faculty and staff, who at all times, promote professionalism and excellence. Each student is looked at as an individual and provides training, counseling and challenges to prepare that student for positive action in his/her chosen profession. We understand the importance of ethics, values, governmental and legislative issues, commitment to diversity in the student body and learning as a lifelong process. We are dedicated to providing an educational environment that develops the best attributes of the credit professional.

Learning as a Lifelong Process...

It is the mission of NACM Midwest to provide quality education and comprehensive career training in a supportive environment and to build a foundation of excellence. We endeavor to produce competent individuals who can serve the credit/finance community in an active, productive and meaningful role.

2017 Exam Review Class Schedule

Exam Review Classes can be done via Teleconference 

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CBA Exam Reviews

  • Tuesday, October 10

CBF Exam Reviews

  • Tuesday, October 3

CCE Exam Reviews

  • Wednesday, October 4